Eco Beauty Shopping Guide: Stockholm

Hello beauties,

So, I am heading back home to Edinburgh for a few months to study. It has felt strange to be back in Stockholm again, but it’s also been fun to see friends, discover the city more and to practice speaking Swedish again. Before I go though, I decided to visit my favourite Eco beauty boutiques and shops in Stockholm, and to write up a little guide for anyone visiting Stockholm or living here. Here is the lowdown of my favourite Eco beauty stockists. :)


Vita Vera:

I first found this little gem whilst I was at a Christmas market in the area last December. It stocks a good range of health foods and supplies, but also a fab range of organic cosmetics. It has a pretty decent selection of interesting books too, a few on DIY Organic Beauty products actually. I spent quite a while in here mesmerized by all the goodies and felt very warm and welcome in the atmosphere. It is a little bit out of the center of Stockholm, but still worth the visit if you can. It’s also just a 3 minute walk from the metro station.


Nybodagatan 1, 126 32

Midsommarkransen T-Bana (Red Line towards Fruängen).


Lavera makeup Stand at Vita Vera


You’ll find quite a few health food shops in Stockholm – particularly in Södermalm, but what I like about this store in particular is its relatively large selection of Eco beauty cosmetics. They stock a pretty good selection of brands including: Dr. Hauschka and Faith in Nature, and there’s also a lot of small organic beauty brands stocked here, which I like to see. I enjoy discovering new brands and supporting those that are for a good cause. The only problem I found is that it is a pretty small and cramped store. So, not the perfect environment for browsing in. However, don’t let that put you off, it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.


Folkungagatan 68, 116 22

Medborgarplatsen T-Bana (Green Line Towards Hagsätra).


Apoteket and High street Stores:

The Apotek stores (pharmacies) usually stock a few organic beauty brands. Typically, IDUN minerals and Estelle & Thild. Most high-street shops usually stock a few organic brands too. One in particular is the french organic cosmetics brand UNE. The department store Åhléns normally sells these too alongside REN and BareMinerals. I also recommend giving the beauty store, Kicks a try whilst you’re there, I found some Burts Bees on sale last year. :D


Oikos Butik:

Last, but certainly not least is my favourite Eco Beauty Store in the whole of Stockholm. It is beautifully decorated and stocked. Whilst just being 1 metro stop away from Central Station! This gorgeous boutique has many fabulous brands including: NVEY Eco, Florascent and much to my surprise, Neals Yard Cosmetics.  If there is only one store, you’re going to visit then make sure that it is this. Find more out on their website here.


Hantverkargatan 18, 112 21

Rådhuset T-Bana (Blue Line towards Akalla or Hjulsta).


Thanks for reading guys! I hope you found it useful and will try out some of the stores on the list if you visit Stockholm.

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Ashley xx



DIY Mint Chocolate Lip Balm

Hey beauties,

It’s a dark and rainy evening here in Stockholm, which has given me the perfect excuse to get some blog writing and planning done. I just came to realise that I haven’t posted many DIY’s lately and decided that this was a good time to get this gorgeous recipe out of the drafts and published. It uses mostly the same base ingredients as  my other recipes, but with a little twist. I really think you’re going to enjoy this one. ;)



1 tsp. Cocoa Butter

2tsp. Coconut Oil

3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

1/2 tsp. Cocoa Powder

Vitamin E capsule

Sterilised Lip balm tube or tin

Makeshift double boiler


Melt the cocoa butter and coconut oil in a makeshift double boiler on a very low heat for about 15 minutes. Once melted, take off the heat and mix in the other ingredients until everything is evenly mixed and smooth. Finally, transfer the mixture to a lip balm tube or tin and leave to set.

August has been a month full of birthdays and boy, has this recipe been a favourite. :D If you have a sweet tooth and a chocolate addiction, then you would be mad not to try out this recipe. It’s also definitely one to make for Christmas gifts this year.

Have you got any recipe suggestions or any ingredients that you would like recipes for? Then, let me know if the comment box below.

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80s Inspired Makeup

Hey beauties,

Thanks to an 80s themed party invite, I finally had the chance to be a bit more creative with my makeup. I took some inspiration from Siouxsie Sioux, Robert Smith and also The New Romantics. Here’s my finished look with some details on how I created it.


Makeup Used:

Lily Lolo Foundation

bareMineralsMoxie Lipstick: Never say never.

bareMinerals Blusher: Rarest Rose.

benecos maximum volume mascara (applied with L’Oreal telescopic lash mascara brush).

bareMinerals Velvet Charcoal eye shadow.

BWC Charcoal Grey Eye Pencil.


After foundation, I outlined and filled in my natural eyebrow shape with BWC’s eye pencil. To hold in place I put a layer of bareMinerals velvet charcoal eye shadow on top. Next, I blended the eye shadow over my whole eye area – including the brow bone. This seems to be a pretty standard look for the 80s. For some extra definition, I applied BWC’s eye pencil on my top and lower lash line, but on my bottom lash line I blended it out as to prevent it from looking too harsh. I finally finished my eye makeup with a few generous coats of benecos mascara.

Lips were pretty easy, all I did was shape them and fill them in with the lipstick until I was happy with the shade. Cheeks however, needed a little more work. I mainly concentrated on the cheek bone and temples. The distinct 80s look is quite bold when it comes to blusher but not too clown like! I suggest applying a little, and then building it up.



Awesome!!!! I had so much fun, it’s great to be able to experiment and play around with your makeup. As you can see, it’s also possible to be fun with more ‘natural’ brands. So don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. ;)

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Ashley xx

How To Make A Watermelon Pizza by Styles – Ideas


Have you guys tried this? :o

Originally posted on Styles Ideas:

Are a lot of different variations of a pizza and every one of us has their personal thought of the excellent pizza. But we can all agree that it would be amazing if there was a wholesome version of pizza out there. The excellent news is that there is a single, but it’s made out of f… if you want to view full content please visit this

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Immune Boosting Smoothies!

Hello beauties!

Autumn and winter are just around the corner, and that usually brings with it a good few bugs and viruses. Fortunately, we can start boosting our immune systems now to help fight off those pesky cold and flue viruses. Here are a few of my favourite Immune Boosting Smoothie Recipes.


Banana, spinach, carrot, strawberries, blueberries, orange juice, probiotic powder.

This blend is packed full of super ingredients for your immune system and overall health. The carrot contains beta carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant that turns into vitamin A once it is digested. We already know that vitamin A is great for the immune system, the skin and is a good cancer preventer. The oranges give a good boost as well with the vitamin C content and the berries are another good source of antioxidants. By adding in some flax seeds, we can benefit from the omega 3 content too!


Beetroot, carrot, celery, cucumber and ginger.

Beetroot contains quite a few immune boosting ingredients, some being: vitamin C, manganese, iron and betaine. All of which are great for the immune system and the liver. Betaine is especially detoxifying, I love to take this when I am feeling  run down as it boost both my immune health and helps to clear out my system.


3 cups green tea, banana, blueberries, goji berries,vanilla protein powder.

Sweet, delicious and better than any lemsip. Why? Because, it contains so much vitamin C and antioxidants, plus some protein for energy too. This, to me, is like a comfort food – but healthy. It gives me instant energy, and protects my immune system throughout the day. As I said, better than any lempsip. Try it out next time you’re in need of an extra boost or whenever you’re feeling under the weather.

I am so big on recipes at the moment, if you have some suggestions then let me know in the comment box.

Ashley xx


Bodyshop Nutriganics: Drops of Youth Serum Review.

Hey beauties,

I was so excited to receive this as a gift  a few weeks ago. Until then I was completely unaware that The Bodyshop had started their own Natural and Organic range of skin products. The line is called ‘Nutriganics’ and contains the standard skincare essentials, such as a cleanser, toner, mask, creams and some serums etc.


Drops of Youth Serum:

The Drops of Youth Serum is certified organic and the ingredients are of 99% natural origin. The Bodyshop claim to have created the range to help deal with the first signs of aging and that the serum helps promote a healthy skin surface which will look smoother and healthier.

The heart ingredient in it is Babassu Oil – I have to admit that it isn’t an oil that I’ve heard of up until now but from a little reading it appears to be very similar to coconut oil. Other ingredients include: Aloe Vera, Buddleja Davidii Extract, Mallon Flower and Thyme. It’s quite a unique mixture and sets itself apart from the standard ‘natural ingredients’ used in most organic beauty brands.

The consistency is a little sticky at first but once applied to the skin it sits as a smooth layer. It’s almost like a gel in fact and has a subtle scent that I can’t quite name.

It comes in a unique dropper bottle but due to the consistency of the product, the dropper doesn’t do too good a job of dispersing the serum properly. The Bodyshop recommend using a few drops of the serum under your day cream but the dropper only seems to hold a small amount of product and releases it all at the same time. It seems to be a good amount but could be wasting an unnecessary amount. Quite a bit of product has been used up in the past couple of week even though I have only been using about a large drop.

PicMonkey Collagebsp

Product Performance:

So far I can’t find anything special with the serum. It’s just ok. It does leave a nice layer on the face which I believe to be protecting and nourishing but apart from that I can’t find anything special about it. Maybe once I do start to see signs of aging I will think differently, but just now I don’t think it is any better than my previous serums. It’s also a little pricey for its quality and size. £30 for 50ml, it may not be the most expensive of serums but I don’t think it’s worth the price.

Would I buy it?

No, I don’t think so. However I am interested in trying out the other products in the range.

Have you tried out the Nutriganics range yet? If so, what did you think? Are there any must try products? Let me know in the comment box below.

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Stockholm for a couple of weeks, I so can’t wait to get some shopping done there!

Vi ses I Stockholm!

Ashley xx




Organic Beauty Shopping Guide: Copenhagen

Hey beauties!

I’ve just had the most fantastic three months in Copenhagen, Denmark. The weather was lovely, the people even more so and the city was an organic beauty shoppers dream. I didn’t have to look far to buy my essentials and in fact discovered so many more Eco and natural beauty brands whilst I was there. The city won the prestigious European Green Capital award 2014 and doesn’t fail to live up to expectations. The majority of people whom I spoke to about my blog were very interested and already were on their way to being organic beauties themselves.

Here is my lowdown of my favorite places to go beauty shopping in Copenhagen (with a few touristy pictures thrown in for good measure):


Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

Magasin du Nord:

Magasin is a Danish chain of department stores and one of the best places to buy Eco beauty products in Copenhagen. Situated in Kongens Nytorv, this store has everything an organic beauty shopper could wish for. It stocks most of the biggest natural beauty brands including REN, Pai Skincare, Dr. Hauschka, Aromatherapy Associates, John Masters Organics plus a lot more. I also discovered new makeup brands such as; benecos, Nilens Jord and Organiqs. The best or worst (depending on how you look at it) has been the ongoing sale this summer. Just a little warning.. you might buy a little more than expected when shopping there. ;) You can check out some of the products sold at Magasin on their website here.


Matas is a Danish drugstore shop – I guess it’s the equivalent to Boots or Superdrug in the U.K. Just like Boots, Matas shops can be found all over the city within an easy reach. They sell a good amount of organic beauty brands too. In fact I bought quite a few bargains here whilst one shop was holding a sale. Depending which store you go into there will always be some organic beauty brands to choose from. Mostly the same as Magasin but there are a few others. Some including the organic pharmacy, Madara, EOS, Korres and Matas’ own more natural brand. Again, you can check out some of their stock here.

Bikes everywhere!

Bikes everywhere!

Pure Shop:

According to their website, Pure Shop is both Denmark’s and Europe’s biggest Organic Beauty Shop. Their store is situated in the center of Copenhagen within easy reach to the metro system. All products sold here are certified organic and have been chosen without any synthetic or harmful ingredients. The store stocks the best quality Eco beauty brands and all the staff are both knowledgeable and passionate about organic beauty. This, for sure is worth a trip to Copenhagen on its own accord in my opinion. Check out their website here for more information.

Beauty Salons and Hairdressers:

Apart from the large amount of Eco friendly beauty stockists in Copenhagen there is also an unbelievable amount of Organic beauty salons and hairdressers. I unfortunately never visited any myself but I have come across this handy list if you do feel like trying one or two out for yourself. Have a look here.

Well that wraps it up folks, hope you have enjoyed reading today. I can’t wait until my next visit to Copenhagen and highly recommed visiting if you haven’t already. Let me know what you think in the comment box below. :)

Ashley xx